WP5: 3D Modelling

Contributers: I•GIS, AU AGRO, AAU

The methodologies and algorithms developed in WP4 will be implemented in the GeoCloud (a cloud-based data management system provided by I•GIS) together with the necessary infrastructure needed for these data types to be easily read in, visualized and integrated with the 3D geological modelling software, GeoScene3D (also developed by I•GIS). The predictive models created within WP4 would greatly benefit from an external validation through 3D modelling. The predicted variables constitute physical features and visualizing all data together with the predicted features in a 3D environment will add high value in quality-controlling the predictions and in turn the ML models. In addition to allowing visual inspection of models and data combined, tools will be developed in GeoScene3D that allow experts to interact with the ML models through an API and through cloud services. Combining the state-of-the-art ML models and allowing unbiased predictions on large datasets with the insight, expertise and experience of a trained specialist will be key to achieving the best possible mapping of these peatlands.