WP2: Geophysical Mapping Methodologies

Contributer: SkyTEM

Geophysical mapping instruments will be developed to supply the best predictors for delineating peat extent. Therefore, the accuracy of the C mass estimate will be significantly improved by combining gamma radiometrics data and TEM data which can characterize the geological/soil settings and groundwater table. The geophysical equipment will be developed to be sling-load or operated under a suitable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The UAV will allow surveying with gamma ray instrumentation, GPR and TDEM equipment making an easy switch between the three during field work. Automation of the workflow of data from field to cloud including automatic quality control (QC) will benefit the operational aspects and economy. A major development will be to model, design and develop a new innovative high bandwidth, 100 Mhz TEM (SkyTEMPico) transmitter and receiver platform that will push the envelope of TEM method to map the upper few meters of peat and soil. It will also improve the resolution and ability to use on-time measurements. With a smaller platform, the ability to operate at 1-3 m above ground level and higher repetition rate will improve the lateral resolution compared to other known systems.  

Title image by: Airborne Instruments John Dahl.