The ReDoCo2 Team

ReDoCO2 is a collaboration of two universities and three companies, funded by Innovationsfonden Denmark working together to a common goal.

Mogens Humlekrog Greve

Section Manager, Institute for Agroecology - Soil physic and Hydropedology, Aarhus University

Mette Balslev Greve

Scientific staff, Academic employee, PhD Department of Agroecology (Aarhus University)

Amélie Marie Beucher

Postdoctoral researcher Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University

Karina Rysholt Christensen

Department (Secretary Aarhus University)

Niels-Peter Jensen

Administrerende Direktør I-GIS

Mats Lundh Gulbrandsen

Head of GeoScience Research, PhD (I∙GIS)

Morten Back Nielsen

Machine Learning (I∙GIS)

Rikke Jakobsen

Developer (I∙GIS)

Tom Martlev Pallesen

Cand.Scient. Geology Groupleader, Consultant & Production (I∙GIS)

Laura Carlota Paz

Biologist, Administration, PhD (I∙GIS)

Kristoffer Skovgaard Mohr

R&D Manager, BEng Airborne Instruments

Nicklas Skovgaard Nyboe

Chief Geophysicist, PhD, SkyTEM Surveys ApS

Henrik Vest Sørensen

Chief consultant in C2C CC (Region Midtjylland)

Flemming Jørgensen

Chief Consulent, Ph.d. (Region Midtjylland)

Mark Philip Philipsen

Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalborg University

Thomas B Moeslund

Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Section for Media Technology, Aalborg University