We are the partners of ReDoCO2


The Soil Physics and Hydropedology section at the Department of Agroecology (AGRO) of AU car ries out research into soil's physical, chemical and hydrological processes in order to achieve quan titative insight into the spatial distribution of soil characteristics on a local, regional and national  scale. We will contribute to the project with an integrated research effort, which will result in detailed  mapping of peatland areas.  

AGRO is a national topic centre for nation soil databases and soil maps in Denmark. AGRO is  responsible for all policy support for the Danish government in relation to soil issues. Furthermore,  AGRO is national leading in soil mapping and digital soil mapping using a rage of AI techniques.  We performed the last national peat mapping done in Denmark and are now hosting these data. 


I•GIS is a small, specialized GIS and geoscience software and service provider, with an international  client base. We are heavily engaged in R&D, both nationally and internationally. Our observations  on market, customers, competitors, and technology indicate the existence of a lucrative market to  be exploited by the developments in this project.  

I•GIS can continue building state of the art applications for mapping the Earth, now expanding into  soil mapping, by expanding tools and services that has been developed for other purposes, but  applicable to the field of peat mapping. 


SkyTEM is an airborne geophysical company with 50+ employees and worldwide operations. Over  more than a decade, the company has applied its strategic competencies to identifying business  opportunities, developing novel technologies within its field of application and introducing new prod ucts commercially successful to the airborne EM market. In the context of this project, we have  identified a new business opportunity, entailing that the company’s broad R&D competencies are  leveraged to develop a high-resolution TEM sensor (SkyTEMPico) mountable on a UAV. SkyTEMs  project exit strategy is to extend the business foundation with a new business unit that produces  and sells combined SkyTEMPico system and service solutions. 

RM covers 19 municipalities, it is the authority of soil pollution and coordinates regional development  within nature, environment, business and tourism. Since 2007, RM has cooperated with the munic ipalities on climate, topsoil and water related issues. The cooperation has focused on providing  climate data, debating planning processes, and developing decision support tools. Recently, RM is  initiating a complementary project on Multifunctional Land Consolidation incl. a decision support  tool. RM contributes to ReDoCO2 with especially securing applicability of the data and meeting the  need of end users. 

The computer vision research lab at AAU has conducted research within computer vision and ma chine learning for 20+ years. The lab contributes scientifically and practically to the project within all  tasks related to data integration and machine learning. The lab expects to advance their general  competences of applying data science in relation to soil science, and in particular applying deep  learning algorithms to diverse data types.